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Nature Explorers

Homeschool Natural Science Classes

Wednesdays 2:30-4:30 pm (September – April)


The Nature Explorer program is a series of natural science classes designed to supplement homeschooling curriculum. We explore various topics through interactive lectures as well as hands-on activities both inside and outside. We also provide a Parent Page, an outline of the day’s presentation for review and/or portfolio use.

Families can choose to sign up for all the classes or choose only those that best fit their needs; most of the classes are not sequential. Registration is ongoing throughout the year. Fees for each class vary depending upon the type of materials needed for that class. We prefer class fees to be paid in advance to allow for the purchase of materials; however, other arrangements can be made, if necessary.

Families may register through the mail (2300 Benton Center Rd., Benton Harbor, MI 49022), in person at the nature center (Tuesday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) or by phone during business hours (269-927-4832).

We request the parents of our six- to nine-year-old students stay to assist their children unless they also have younger children who require supervision (outside the classrooms, please). Parents of our older students (10 years and up) are welcome to stay and share the discoveries, but their presence is not necessary.

For any further information, contact Eileen at Sarett Nature Center: (269) 927-4832 or

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NATURE EXPLORERS Schedule 2016-2017 – All classes are $4

Jan 4, 2017


WEB OF WONDER: We will study how the interconnectedness of animal diets forms a “food web” in nature.  Food chains and predator-prey relationships will be part of our discussion.
Jan 18, 2017

$4 for each skier

A DAY OF SKIING OR A WINTER HIKE: We’ll discuss some winter ecology and if there is snow, we’ll cross country ski. If there isn’t any snow, we’ll explore with a hike.
Feb 1, 2017


BUBBLEOLOGY:  Chemistry and physics will be explored through experiments with soap bubbles as well as learning about animals’ use of bubbles.
Feb 15, 2017


LOVE IS IN THE AIR: We’ll learn about some of the many techniques that animals use to locate and win over mates.
Mar 1, 2017


WILDNESS SURVIVAL:  Students will begin to kindle connections with the earth as they are introduced to nature’s lessons for surviving in the wild.
Mar 15, 2017


RIVER VALLEY STUDY: We’ll discuss the process for the formation of a river valley then learn about the adaptations plants need to survive in this ecosystem.
Mar 29, 2017


WHOSE CLUES?:  We rarely see the many animals that live around us so how do we know they are here?  Tracks and other signs are clues that can make you an animal detective.

Apr 12, 2017


INTRODUCTION TO NATURE JOURNALING:  Bring a composition or bound sketchbook to learn to keep a natural journal. Discover a new way of seeing and observing the world around you.