Programs for Members & Families


Spring Bird Seed Sale

SPRING SEED SALE - 25% OFF April 23-May 31 - Fill your feeders this spring to watch the birds as they migrate through the area. Rose-breasted grosbeaks, indigo buntings, and goldfinches changing from winter to summer plumage are just a few possibilities that you may see. Need a new feeder? We have many quality seed and thistle feeders available for sale too.

Annual Native Plant Sale

SARETT’S WILDFLOWER SALE May 25 & 26, Saturday, 10 am-5 pm & Sunday 1 pm- 5 pm. “Go Native” by adding native wildflowers, grasses and ferns to your landscape. Native plants can be easier to care for and bring wonderful color and wildlife to your yard. This year’s sale will feature many plants for sunny areas of your yard, especially for pollinators. Some of these plants include Columbine, Wild Bergamot, and Butterfly Weed. A variety of plants will be available for both sand & clay soils too. Finally, we will have several species of milkweed—great for helping out the monarch butterfly. Shop early for the best selection. Sarett will continue to sell plants after the weekend during regular business hours. Call 269-927-4832 for more information.

Kayak Weekend

KAYAK WEEKEND - June 14-16 - See our website for full trip itineraries.  

Summer Programs Begin

SUMMER PROGRAMS BEGIN - June 18, Tuesday - Registration is currently open for our summer classes. Exciting and engaging programs for children 4 and up are planned! Please visit the nature center or our website for a complete listing of programs. Registrations can be taken in person or over the telephone at 269-927-4832.

Wildlife Wonders Program

WILDLIFE WONDERS - June 20, Thursday, 3:00 pm - Meet with a naturalist today to learn about the types of animals at Sarett. Today will feature a few different live animals, including birds, reptiles, insects and amphibians. A great program for families! Adult members & kids = FREE, Non-member adults = $5 (includes general admission fee)

Kayak Lessons

KAYAK LESSONS - June 22, Saturday, 1:00 pm - Learn the basics of kayaking at North Lake Park. Sarett will provide kayaks, paddles and life vests. Please call to register by calling 269-927-4832. $15/person. For teenagers (14 & up) and adults.

Local Threatened/Endangered Species Talk & Walk

LOCAL THREATENED/ENDANGERED SPECIES TALK & WALK June 29, Saturday, 11:00 AM - Join a naturalist this morning as they provide an informative discussion on local threatened and endangered wildlife. Walk with the naturalist afterwards to look for some of these special plants and animals. Please call to register by calling 269-927-4832. Adult members & kids = FREE, Non-member adults = $5 (includes general admission fee)

Butterfly Program by Ron Dudek

BUTTERFLIES BY RON DUDEK - June 30, Sunday, 2:00 PM - Join Ron Dudek and his amazing butterfly videos and clips for an in-depth look at the fantastic lives of butterflies. Then visit the butterfly house to see the real thing. Adult member $3.00, child member $2.00. Adult non-member $7.00 and child non-member $3.00.