Discover a Spider World with Bob the Spider-Hunter

August 20, Sunday, 3:00 pm  DISCOVER A SPIDER’S WORLD with BOB THE SPIDER-HUNTERJoin YouTube personality, “Bob the Spider Hunter” as he takes you on a wonderful wildlife adventure into the world of spiders. Learn about the different kinds of spiders and what makes them unique; see some spiders up close and then go on an actual spider hunt to see if you can find and identify them after some guided instruction.  Fee: Members—  free, non-member adults $5 and non-member children $1.

Barn Party!

September 10, Sunday,  BARN PARTY!  Mark your calendar to join us for this annual fund raising event.  (Maybe we should start calling it the Non-Barn Party—we held last year’s event at the nature center building and it worked so well, we will be holding this year’s event in the great room again.