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Upcoming Events


Bat Program by Dr. Allen Kurta

September 29, Saturday, 3:00 pm Hibernation, Bats, and White-nose Syndrome. The program will explain what hibernation is, why bats do it, and where in Michigan hibernating bats are found. Dr. Kurta will discuss the overwintering behavior of the nine species of bats in the state and concentrate on the species that spend the winter underground, in mines and caves. The presentation will conclude with an introduction to white-nose syndrome, a fungal disease that has killed millions of hibernating bats in eastern North America since 2006 and has led to an 83% decline in overwintering populations in Michigan since 2014. Member/$4.00; nonmember/$8.00. NO reservations necessary.

Bhutan Experience Program

September 30, Sunday, 2:00 pm BHUTAN EXPERIENCE. Please join Susan and Michael Wood as they present highlights of their recent trip to Bhutan, a remote country in the Himalayas situated between India and Tibet. They will share their insights into Bhutan’s culture and people and the pristine carbon negative landscape which they encountered while hiking through western Bhutan. Their many photographs will highlight the pristine mountain forests of cypress, pine, cedar and wild rhododendron along with glacial river valleys, ancient Buddhist temples, fortresses and monasteries. You will see the charming and kind Bhutanese people and the wildlife they hold sacred including the Langur monkey, the Takin their national animal, and the yak herded in the wild mountains. You will see a country very few westerners get to see and hear firsthand of the culture and people that are determined to keep it unspoiled. Member/$3.00; nonmember/$5.00. NO reservations necessary.

Michigan Tree Walk

October 7, Sunday, 2:00 pm MICHIGAN TREES. Identify some of the native trees of Michigan on a walk with a naturalist. Learn identification tricks for leaves, bark and buds. Members/$2.00; nonmember/$5.00. NO reservations necessary.

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